How can we develop a values centered approach to our end of life? 

A workshop  series for people of all ages and stages, who want to be empowered at the end of life and who want to provide care to others with knowledge and compassion.  

Four Week Workshop Series-
Foundation One- Investigate
  Awakening to Life and Death
What factors shape your quality of life?


Four Week Workshop Series 
Mondays, 2:30-4:30
January 7th-February 4th
(No class on MLK day, 1/21)

Location: Sebastopol Area Senior Center  
167 N. High Street
​Sebastopol, California 95472

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 Your Choices​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Interactive and mulit-media workshops on what impacts  our choices.

January 7th

  • Personal and Cultural Percptions in Planning for End of Life

January 14th  

  • The Transformative Nature of Loss and Grief.  

January 28th

  • Relevance and Purpose in Aging, Illness and Dying. 

February 4th- 

  • Giving and Receiving Support in Our Relationships.

With the complexities of medical interventions,  longer life spans, and potential loss of personal agency, our wishes are more complex than whether or not to "Pull the plug"  In a culture of self sufficiency, we don't know how to easily function within dependencies.  Medical advocacy may be the most important request we ever ask of others, including medical professionals.  As we consider an end of life plan that expands beyond medical directives it's helptul to explore the breadth and depth of our wishes.  This workshop series is a highly interactive,  multi-media approach to having a clear understanding of our choice
How do you communicate about and make your  decisions about end of life? 

Four Week Workshop Series-
Foundation Two- Design
Designing Advanced Directives
Getting Your Paperwork in Order

​Setting the Groundwork

A creative and engaging approach
to designing our advanced directives and getting our affairs in order.

February 11th

  • Medical Advocacy
  • Exploring Agreements, Expectations and Entitlements of Medical Advocates.

February 25th  

  • Advance Medical  Directives: Understanding   The Changing Nature of Our Medical Choices.

March 4th
  • Important Paperwork To Have In Order For Your Loved Ones and Professionals

March 11th  

  • What is Unfinished In Preparatin for   Final Stages


Four Week Workshop Series ​
Mondays 2:30-4:30
February 11th and 25th,
March 4th and 11th 

Location: Sebastopol Area Senior Center 
167 N. High Street
​Sebastopol, California 95472

Advance Medical Directives or a living will gives direction to the medical treatment we want at end of life, in particular if we can no longer advocate for ourselves.   A health care power of attorney is appointed by us to make health care decisions.   The health care agent (also called an attorney-in-fact or proxy) becomes our spokesperson on a range of medical treatments.  Aside from advance directive there is other paperwork that our loved ones need in case of an sudden death or lack of an ability to communicate. This workshop series provides the opportunity to get all our information in order and to assure we have the right conversations in regard to our advocacy. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
What Do You Have In Order For Your  Loved Ones, Caregivers and Professionals?  

Four Week Workshop Series
 Foundation Three- Implement
Understanding the Groundwork
Developing A Functional Plan

Four Week Workshop Series
Sebastopol Area Senior Center
Sebastopol, Ca.

Mondays 2:30-4:30
March 18th, 25th
April 1st, 8th

For More Information on Sebastopol Area Senior Center Registration: Contact Tess Lorraine


A Dying Legacy
The pathway to implement our wishes  

March 18th-
  • Stewardship-  How Can I Share My Belongings and Finish Business Before I Die?

March 25th 

  • Medical Options- What is the difference between, Curative, Palliative and Hospice Care? ​

April 1st- Sebastopol Senior Center

  • ​End of Life Options Act-  What does it mean? What are the Qualifications and Protocols? 

April 8th- 

  • Legacy- What Kind Of  Rituals, Burials and Ceremonies Are Available Surrounding My Death.
 We can be empowered at the end of our lives to release and graciously offer what we have accumulated, not only in regard to our material possessions, but also in honoring our relationships and the wisdom of our unique journeys.  Our final rights of passage can last years and yet can also be a very meaningful time.   There may be no greater legacy to leave than in how we make our final farewell. This workshop series provides the personal and social structures of support that will help you transition with greater ease. ​​​​​​​​​
What Will Be Your Dying Legacy?

Four Week Workshop Series
 Foundation Four- Endings

Beyond Advanced Directives

​Empowering Our Final Stage

 Organizing A Care Team

  • Creating a team approach for honoring physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

 Communication Channels 

  • Structuring communication outlets for circles of support.

What Is A Death Doula?

  • Professional support to assist final transitions


  • An alternative approach towards sharing in our end of life passages


Four Week Workshop Series ​
Dates TBA

Location: Sebastopol Area Senior Center

For More Information on Sebastopol Area Senior Center Registration: Contact Tess Lorraine